H & S Personal Car Service & Consulting, Inc. is a public transportation consulting firm specializing in improving operational management, comprehensive analysis, financial performance and quality of service. We bring over 30+ years of public and private transportation experience and a network of industry associates to each assignment.


Howard is an experienced and outstanding Business Consultant, Entrepreneur and Transportation Expert. With over 30 years of transportation experience in both the private and public sector, it allows him to see things from a different perspective than others. Howard’s career began with a position at the Transit Authority as an analyst.  After years of hard work, he was promoted to Vice President of Operations and Planning.  After deciding to relocate to Florida, Howard saw the need for legitimate and reliable transportation in Florida and started up H&S Personal Car Service. Howard was Managing Partner for 23 years and also held a seat on the PBC Vehicle For Hire task force for luxury sedans as well as non- emergency. He left H&S to become President of Tropical Transportation Non-Emergency Company. Within the first year of business, Howard wrote his first grant and was awarded FTA New Freedom 5317 grant for $778,000.00.   Howard also held a position of Vice President/GM at Southeastern Florida Transportation Group for several years.

After noticing major trends in the transportation industry, Howard became a Supplier Relations Manager at Karhoo, a ride comparison application aimed at providing flexible, reliable and comfortable transport services.  After Karhoo, Howard became the Director, Strategic Business Development at Curb – The Taxi App.  After leaving Curb, Howard concentrated on his consulting.   It was while consulting he was recommended to consult for Epic(Alivi).  After 2 months of consulting, he was hired as Director of  Transportation and later became Director of Network Expansion & Relations. His initial responsibilities included developing as well as enhancing the management system of the Alivi transportation network. Howard created a successful blueprint for dispatching/scheduling/reservations, driver and passenger app as well as developing a concierge platform for Healthcare networks.  Prior to the network going live,  he built call centers, hired staff,  implemented credentialing and recruited over 200 transportation providers to work within the Alivi network. 

Throughout Howard’s career, he has held several key positions which have given him a unique knowledge in the workings of the transportation industry. These changes in positions worked with current trends and the needs within the industry. A strong focus on pinnacle services, operational efficiency, development of transit plans, compliance for City, State and Federal Regulations,  as well as ADA eligibility determinations, are essential in today’s world.

Howard is an industry pace-setter who believes that by increasing efficiency, enhancing quality, strengthening project results and by promoting team spirit is the only way to succeed in this competitive industry. His wide range of experience makes Howard the best professional to work with.  He applies his diverse knowledge, management technique, and an innovative business vision in all his endeavors

Academically, Howard holds a degree in Business Administration and Management


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
Start or expand your NEMT existing business – get your company to the next level.
NEMT Logistics for Healthcare
We partner with healthcare partners to provide transportation to their members as an “Added Value” product.
On-Demand/Ride Sharing (TNC)
Development of the on-demand model for transportation, insurance, software and IC/IO’s.
Transportation Software Solutions
Finding the right software solution for your company’s business model and implement it.
Luxury Transportation
Start or expand your luxury ground transportation existing business – get your company to the next level.
Compliance & Policy
The Compliance & Policy practice is focused on identifying controls for compliance regimens such as PCI and HIPAA, developing contractual controls such as service-level agreements (SLAs) to help control software risk, setting organizational software security policy and auditing
Fraud, Waste and Abuse Controls & Audit
We will develop the tools needed to be in compliance with all Federal, State and local laws.
Human Resources
Human resources is the company department charged with finding, screening, recruiting and training job applicants, and administering employee-benefit programs as well as setting company policy.
Fleet Management
Develop and implement a comprehensive fleet management program.
Design and execute in-depth training program for all aspects of your business.